Earn money while providing
a safer and more entertaining ride.

  • TripCam Lets You Accept Tips From Passengers

  • Passenger can instantly pay with their credit card

  • Tips get deposited into your account within 1-2 business days

*TripCam does not support Square® or PayPal® card readers
Expense Tracking

The Only Way to Know How Much You Truly Make from Ridesharing

Step 1
Available on iOS & Android

Launch the TripCam Companion app.

Step 2
Log Expenses

Pick the expense type you want to log.

Step 3
Save your Receipts

Snap a picture of your receipt.

Step 4
Calculate your Expenses

Enter the total price and submit.

Local Advertising

Generate leads from local businesses and
TripCam does the rest.

Flat Rate Pricing

Keep 75% of the AD Revenue
your Tripcam Generates

*Only applies to advertisements acquired by driver*



Plug and Play peace of mind

It’s hard to deny that at the end of the day you’re still riding around with a complete stranger. TripCam provides an extra layer of security. Drivers and passengers both benefit from the peace of mind that TripCam provides.


f you are using a TripCam Pro, every time you start a shift, on the TripCam Companion App, we automatically start recording until you end your shift. TripCam notifies your passengers that they are being recorded and professionally manages the footage for you. After 14 days it’s deleted from our servers. Simple as that.




Day - Full Color

Night - Black and White

*Available only on TripCam Pro

Give passengers a five star experience.







Fully interactive with games, news, weather, local events, and more.

Installation In Minutes

TripCam Tablets come ready to install.

TripCam tablet
TripCam Tablet
TripCam provides you with a tablet car mount for rideshare
Car Mount
TripCam provides car chargers for all its drivers
TripCam provides car chargers for all its drivers
Credit Card Reader

Monthly Service Fee

Without DATA

Monthly Service Fee

Monthly fee covers software updates, storage of recordings, games, local advertising, and all other operating expenses. Driver may cancel subscription and unlock tablet, at any time, by notifying TripCam. The tablets provided by TripCam are locked to prevent passenger tampering.
Tripcam Options

Use Your Own Tablet

Have a tablet at home?
Download the app & get started.
We provide a link after registering.


Android 4.4+
7-11 inch
*iPad version coming Q1 2017

  • 7" Screen
  • Instant Tipping
  • Local Advertising
  • Entertainment Features

Tripcam Pro

Our Best Features
All in One Package


LG G PAD 8.0

  • 8” HD Screen
  • TripClip Recording
  • Instant Tipping
  • Local Advertising
  • Entertainment Features

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Applies only to Hardware

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You Got Questions? We Got Answers!

TripCam Local Ads are all about building a valuable and lasting relationship with your favorite local businesses. We believe that the best advertising comes from local offers and opportunities instead of larger national advertisers that passengers see everywhere else.

Think of the businesses you often suggest to your passengers and the ones that you visit most as a customer. These are the places that should be advertising to your passengers. If they have a question about the ad, you can comfortably speak about the business.

Simply speak with an owner or manager and explain that they can advertise in your vehicle for just $1 per day. They only need a title, short description, and a photo when creating their ad. Encourage them to use a special discount code or phrase so that they can track how many of your passengers turn into their customers.

When you are ready to refer a business, just use the TripCam Companion App to do so. You can install the TripCam Companion App on your iPhone or Android phone. Simply visit the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

We have a short guide available for drivers. It lists the key steps involved when talking to a local business. Please visit to read it.

We hope to support Square and PayPal readers in the future. However, we currently only support our TripCam credit card reader. If you would like to purchase one, it is available as part of our starter kit or you can purchase it, by itself, for $10 (with free shipping).

The TripCam credit card reader only supports credit cards with magnetic strips and CVC numbers. We are exploring options to support credit cards with Chip and PIN technology.

The TripCam Companion App (available on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store) is designed only for mobile phones. So, if you have an iPhone or Android phone, you can use the TripCam Companion App.

If you have a TripCam tablet, please make sure to login with the username and password that you created when setting up the TripCam tablet software.

TripCam tablet software currently only works on Android tablets with version 4.4 or above. We are working on a version for iPads. It will be available in Q4 2016.

If you have an Android tablet, you can check the software version by going to the “Settings” area and scrolling down to “About Tablet”. The Android software version will be listed there.

The TripCam $10 monthly fee does not include any data access for your tablet. This assumes that you will be using your mobile phone as a hotspot, that you have a dedicated hotspot of your own, or that you are using a tablet that has built in data from your personal account with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc.

If you are unable to provide WiFi access for the tablet (or your tablet does not have built-in data) you can purchase a $50 T-Mobile hotspot from us. It will come pre-activated with a 2GB per month LTE data plan. The 2GB limit is more than enough for the tablet. Please note, this hotspot cannot be used by drivers or passengers.

TripCam in-vehicle recording is only supported on the original TripCam (LG G Pad V496).

If you have one of these tablets, then you can select the option to bring your own tablet when ordering. After completing your order, email to request the custom TripCam software version with in-vehicle recording enabled. Additionally, please mention if you would like to purchase a dash cam. We will manually charge your account $35 and ship one to you.

The TripCam Dash Cam plugs directly into the full-size USB port on the TripCam Pro. We only support the TripCam (LG G Pad V496).

During the day, the dash cam records in full color through its wide angle lens. This is designed to cover the driver, front seat passenger, and back seat passengers. At night, the infrared LEDs will turn on to allow the camera to capture a perfect picture in black and white.

Please note that the TripCam Dash Cam is an optional accessory ($35 one time purchase price).

All TripCam hardware must be purchased upfront. We do not offer payment plans. But, you always have the option to purchase a compatible tablet on your own. In that case, the only upfront cost is the pre-paid month of TripCam service (pro-rated charge when you activate your tablet software).

If you live in the United States and T-Mobile provides cell service in your area, then TripCam will work in your city! We started our pilot program in Los Angeles but have since expanded TripCam availability to anywhere in the United States.

The TripCam $10 monthly fee does not include any data access for your tablet. You will need to provide your own WiFi data connection for the TripCam tablet software to work. The WiFi connection can be provided from your mobile phone (if your carrier and data plan allows for it) or from a dedicated WiFi hotspot from your mobile phone carrier.

If you purchased our optional $50 hotspot, it will come pre-activated with a T-Mobile 2GB LTE data plan. You will not need to provide your own data plan for the hotspot. The T-Mobile LTE data plan will cost an additional $15 per month for a total of $25 per month for TripCam service and T-Mobile data. Please note that the hotspot can only be used to provide in-vehicle WiFi for the TripCam.

If you need to replace one of the accessories we provided, please consult the list below for specifications and replacement costs. If you would like to personally replace the broken accessory, please make sure it matches the product specifications below.
Wall Charger – 2A USB Wall Charger - $10
Car Charger – Dual Port 4.8A (2.4A each port) Car Charger - $10
USB Cable – 2 Meter 20AWG Micro USB Cable - $10
Headrest Mount – Universal Mount for 7-11” Tablets - $15
Credit Card Reader – Custom Reader (TripCam is currently not compatible with Square readers) - $10
All prices include shipping. Invoices are provided on request for reimbursement from Uber or Lyft.

Uber and Lyft both require passengers to use their Facebook profile and have credit card information on file. If you discover that a passenger has left the vehicle with your tablet, we ask that you file a police report and issue a report to Uber or Lyft. Just tell us the police report number and Uber / Lyft case ID. We’ll work with them to replace your TripCam tablet.

No. TripCam is proud to be contract-free. There’s no tricks, just great service and a killer value.

TripCam shift recording is the best way to keep track of your entire shift on the road. If you have a TripCam Pro tablet, with recording enabled, then it will automatically start recording each time you start a shift on the TripCam Companion App for your mobile phone. It will stop recording when you end your shift. To get the TripCam Companion App, just visit the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. After installing it, login with the same username and password that you use on the TripCam tablet app. It’s easy to start and stop a shift from any screen in the companion app.

By default, the option to opt-out of a TripClip recording is disabled. This ensures that each ride is automatically recorded for the safety of drivers and passengers. If you would like to provide your passengers with the option to opt-out of TripClip recording (this cancels the recording and deletes the TripClip) then you can easily do so from the TripCam settings area.

TripCam is available anywhere within the United States. However, TripCam is currently limited to use in the United States and will be spreading internationally in Q4 2016. No matter where you live, if you’re interested in TripCam, just leave your email address and we’ll be sure to contact you when TripCam is available in your location.

If it has been less than 30 days since receiving your TripCam tablet, just notify us to process a return request. We will email you a return authorization with instructions. We do not accept returns after 30 days. If you would like to cancel your TripCam service, we will provide you with a code to unlock the TripCam tablet for personal use. If there is a past-due balance on your account, we will require it to be paid before issuing an unlock code.

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